A Great Start to a New Season!

A beautiful day to get our season underway, and a wonderful tournament hosted by John Stark. Thanks to Jill and all of her folks for giving us a great tournament!

This is the first year for our new Division format, so here in Division II, we had three teams competing for the Division title: John Stark, Stevens and Fall Mountain. This year, we are also tracking J/V wins, for the purposes of crowing a “best J/V team” at the end of the season. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll chart the best J/V record per school if there is more than one J/V team for a school at any given tournament.

I’ve also created a new “Results” page as part of our top menu, with an embedded Google Sheet to track all this information. Check it out!

Here’s how things broke down for today!



And here are the current overall standings!


Let Murph know if you’re going to GHOST on the 28th. Otherwise, hope to see you all at Super Sunday on November 19ths!

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