Division IV: Hunter Farnham Regional

Good afternoon all! Hope you’re all enjoying the Olympics.

We all had a great time at PCA today, many thanks to Donna, Ray and her crew for a fabulous day! This was our final “regional” of the year, with our new format “at-large” tournament coming in March as the final regular season event of the year. Should be exciting!

Now, onto the results:

Nine varsity teams competed today (with PCA providing an extra to round out to 10), so we had a shortened 9 round tournament. PCA and Salem were the only two teams competing for the regional crown and the automatic bid to the State Tournament.  Here’s how things shook out:


Salem won the region and moves on the state tournament in April.

Here’s how the varsity at-large points look as of today:

In the J/V bracket with had an abundance of teams playing! Only 5 schools, but more than a dozen teams between them. Here’s how that all shook down. I’m only counting actual wins, because there were an odd number of teams, so there was bye floating out there for some teams. And we’re only counting the best j/v score from each school.

Murph promises to have candy for the Fall Mountain folks at the tournament on 3/17.
And here’s where we are with the overall standings for J/V:

And there you go!

Remember our final regular season tournament will be held on March 17th at Kingswood, so let John Struble know if you’re coming. And wear your green! Thanks to everyone, and hope to see you there!

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