State Final Results!

Evening everyone!
State finals were held today at the Legislative Office Building. We got underway a little late due to some tardy college students, but we had a great afternoon of competition!
It’s been a great season, and I hope everyone has had a good time! I’m looking forward to the Coaches Meeting on April 16th, and next season as well. I love our league, and I hope we’ll keep it going for a long time! Thanks to Murph for all he does, and thanks to all you coaches who commit so much time to your students and the league!
Congratulations to Hanover, who went 7-0 to claim the 2019 Banner!
Here are the rest of the (strangely mathematically satisfying results) (Individual scoresheets will follow tomorrow, when I can scan them)
Hanover 7-0
Merrimack 6-1
John Stark 5-2
Plymouth 4-3
PCA 3-4
Fall Mtn. 2-5
Kingswood 1-6
BG 0-7
Hope to see you at the coaches meeting, and if not, then see you next fall!

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