Plymouth Qualifier Results!

Good evening all!

So, first off, since we’re not breaking things down by regions this year, I think I’m going to start using the word “qualifier” to describe our tournaments…thoughts?
Anyway, we all went up to visit Troy and his folks at PRHS (Jay had a prior commitment) on beautiful fall Saturday. Those folks certainly made us feel welcome! And I’m pleased to say, that we were off and underway within 20 minutes of the last arrival. There was some last minute scrambling for a final question reader, and we did come up one buzzer short for the j/v bracket, but all in all, very smooth start to the year!
We had 10 varsity and 10 j/v teams competing, with mostly familiar faces, but we did welcome one new group, from Profile! We look forward to seeing them again soon!
Some very competitive matches were played, and I think, based on what I’ve heard so far, the new varsity questions were well received! Plymouth claimed the first spot in the State Finals with a sweep, a 10-0 start to the season, so congrats to them! BG topped the poll on the j/v side of the grid, at 9-1, and took home candy. Our plaques aren’t in yet, but we’ll make sure Plymouth gets theirs when the time comes! Here’s the full results:
Plymouth, 9/28/19
Varsity J/V
Plymouth 10-0 BG 9-1
Merrimack 9-1 Plymouth A 8-2
Hanover 7-3 Merrimack A 8-2
BG 5-5 Merrimack B 8-2
Fall Mtn. 5-5 Fall Mtn. A 6-4
Salem 4-6 Plymouth C 4-6
Kingswood 4-6 Hanover A 3-7
PCA 3-7 Kingswood A 3-7
Stevens 2-8 Kingswood B 1-9
Profile 1-9 Plymouth B 0-10
And the current overall standings:
Overall Season At-Large Standings
Tournament Winners
Varsity Points standings
J/V Points Standings
Plymouth Merrimack 9 BG 9
Hanover 7 Plymouth 8
BG 5 Merrimack 8
Fall Mtn. 5 Fall Mtn. 6
Salem 4 Kingswood 3
Kingswood 4
Stevens 2
Profile 1
nd we’re off and running on a new year! I posted some photos on our FB page, and below. I’m considering whether it might be useful to have some kind of Instasnap (I’m channeling my inner Belicheck) account, or whatever it is the kids use, so they can share their own photos. Something to think about. I probably won’t make it to GHOST (family commitments conflict unfortunately, though I think Merrimack will make it) so the next time I see many of you will be for GSC Qualifying on Nov. 16th, and then after that, our Hanover Qualifier on the 23rd! See you all soon!

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