Saturday in Hanover

Hi everyone! 

Sorry this is late getting out to you, but with the holiday coming up, I was busy all of the remaining weekend. 

All that being said, we had a great day Saturday. Murph and his gang at Hanover put on a great tournament for us. We all had a blast! (And I’ll take the blame for the fact that the rooms were so far apart in the varsity grid. When Murph sent me the numbers, I had assumed that they ran consecutively, or something. I know better for next time!) 

Before we get to the results, I just want to share a little news with you. Recently, after some consultation among Board members, and presented with a great opportunity, we scooped up several new (gently used) buzzer systems from eBay for the league. We also have a couple buzzer sets in League inventory in storage at Hanover. We would like to make these available on loan to schools without buzzers, to help them with their practice, and with their recruiting. Profile became the first recipient of a loaner buzzer, and they are very excited to take it home with them on Saturday. If there’s anyone here who would like more information about getting one of these loaner buzzers to help their team grow, or if you know of someone who would take one to start a new program somewhere, please let me know, I’d love to talk to you. 

Last thing before the good stuff, just a reminder that our next tournament is Dec. 14 at Merrimack! You’ll be getting that registration form right after Thanksgiving, and it’s going to come up fast, so just don’t let it sneak up on you! 

Okay, so, here’s the good stuff. We had 11 varsity teams and 13 j/v teams playing today, so a solid turnout all around. One of Plymouth’s j/v teams played up into varsity to round out both sides at 12 each. Plymouth varsity ran the table at 10-0, but since they qualified for the State Tournament back in September, we’ll set their result aside. That left Hanover and Merrimack at 8-2, but Hanover topped Merrimack in the match they played, so that meant Hanover held the tiebreaker edge. That means that Hanover got the win, and the slot at the State Tournament in April. On the j/v side of things, Hanover also had a great day, with their team running the table at 10-0. Hopefully Murph remembered their bag of candy! I never saw one, but presumably they know where to find him. Here’s the full results:

Hanover Regional 11/23/19
Varsity J/V
Plymouth 10-0 Hanover A 10-0
Hanover* 8-2 Fall Mtn. A 9-1
Merrimack 8-2 Merrimack A 7-3
BG 7-3 Salem B 6-4
Fall Mtn. 7-3 Fall Mtn. B 5-5
(Plymouth A) 5-5 PCA A 5-5
PCA 4-6 Plymouth B 5-5
Profile 3-7 Salem A 5-5
Salem 3-7 Kingswood 3-7
Kingswood 2-8 Plymouth C 3-7
Stevens 2-8 Lisbon A 2-8
Lisbon 1-9 PCA B 0-10

And the all important overall standings

Overall Season At-Large Standings
Tournament Winners Varsity Points standings J/V Points Standings
Plymouth Merrimack 17 Merrimack 15
Hanover BG 12 Fall Mtn. 15
Fall Mtn. 12 Plymouth 13
Salem 7 Hanover 10
PCA 7 BG 9
Kingswood 6 Kingswood 6
Stevens 4 Salem 6
Profile 4 PCA 5
Lisbon 1 Lisbon 2

And that’s all she wrote folks! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and a happy holiday! Don’t run over anyone on Black Friday with a shopping cart, and enjoy the time with family. We’ll see you all in December at Merrimack! 

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