Finals Results!

Good afternoon everyone,

Just one final 2020 update from me.
After three sessions (and I thank all the participants from the bottom of my heart for their patience and flexibility), we completed the online state finals!
The format was strange, and the experience different. And I know that it had it’s kinks and oddity, but we got it done, and gave the kids some closure for the year. I know that it’s hard for it to end this way, but I feel proud that we gave the kids as close to normal as we could.
So, congratulations Hanover, for their win, finishing the year with a 6-1 record at the state finals! Here’s how everyone finished:
Hanover 6-1
BG 5-2
Plymouth 5-2
Pinkerton 4-3
Merrimack 3-4
Salem 3-4
PCA 2-5
Fall Mtn. 0-7
I hope everyone has a great summer. Stay tuned for further communications, as we look forward anxiously to what next year will look like. I’m holding off scheduling any tournaments until we know more about what things will be like in the fall.
Take care everyone, be safe, and be healthy!

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