State Finals

Good afternoon everyone!

We completed out 2020-2021 Season on Saturday morning finishing out what I hope will be our only all-virtual season. We are kicking around the idea that we may retain at least 1 virtual tournament next year, to assist those teams who may have travel difficulties. Coaches will be discussing this in the coming weeks.

We held our typical 7 round final, and while we had a couple of technical snafus (my fault, sorry!) it mostly went off without a hitch.

Hanover carried the day with a perfect 7-0 record, which means that this year’s championship banner is headed for Lebanon Street. Congratulations to Murph and his squad for a great season, I’ll be mailing that out this week sometime.

We had one substitution, with PCA not being able to participate on Saturday, Coe-Brown stepped up and participated in our state tournament for the first time. There was also a communications issue, and Profile did not play on Saturday morning. But here are the rest of the result:


Thank you again to everyone who made this season possible. Thank you to the coaches for your flexibility, thank you to the students for their patience. I will be doing the end of the year paperwork processing (paying the bills, preparing the annual report) in the next week or so, and then I’ll start sending out emails to plan for next season. 

Have a great summer!

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