Salem Qualifier!

Good morning everyone and Happy Monday!

On Saturday, we gathered in Salem for our third tournament of the year. I hope everyone had a good time! I know the timing was rough for folks who were on vaca this week, but we needed to squeeze it in. Our next date will be March 26th, so mark your calendars. Host is still in negotiations, but we’re looking at possibly heading to John Stark. I’ll keep you posted.

On to the results! Merrimack had a hot hand coming in, and took it to a 9-1 record to claim the third AQ slot for the state finals. Plymouth J/V went 7-3 on the day to take J/V honors for the tournament, though special shout out to Merrimack J/V, which played up in the varsity bracket to help even things out, and went 6-4, including handing their own varsity team their only loss!

Here’s the rest of the stats:

Merrimack9-1Plymouth A7-3
Salem8-2Merrimack A6-4
Hanover5-5Merrimack B5-5
Plymouth4-6Trinity A5-5
Trinity4-6Kingswood A3-7
John Stark1-9

And the current standings:

Tournament WinnersVarsity Points standingsJ/V Points Standings
MerrimackTrinity6John Stark4
Fall Mtn2Kingswood3
John Stark1

Have a great Feb Break, and see you in March!

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