Lisbon Results

Good evening everyone!

Well, the weather we were worried about went south of us, and we ended up having a beautiful day to drive up north and spend a day in the mountains! Thanks to Carlene and her crew for rolling out the welcome wagon for us for the first time in SIX YEARS. It was great to see her again!

This was our final regular season tournament, and there was still lots to be decided aside from our final AQ slot for the state tournament. Two of the three at-large spots were up for grabs at the start of the day, so we would get some clarity today. 

Merrimack had a good day, going 9-1 (and they split their varsity team for me to make the grid even at 10, MerriJack, just Captain Jack from Merrimack, went 6-4 all by himself!) But they already had an AQ for the State Finals, so the bid went to Plymouth at 8-2 (tied with Hanover, also already AQ’d). On the J/V side, Merrimack J/V couldn’t be caught for best J/V of the year, but added to their total with 8 more wins, finishing the year at 35 overall.

The at-large race came down to Trinity, which started the day with 14, and the first slot essentially locked up, Salem, which had 5 to open the day, Fall Mountain with 3, and John Stark with 2. Trinity tacked on three wins, bringing them to 17, and made things official. Fall Mtn. gave a good performance with 7, and finished the season with 10 wins, good for the second at large spot, and then Salem picked up three, which was just good enough for them to finish the season with 8, and outpace John Stark, which had four wins today, and finished out the year with 6 overall, just on the outside looking in. 

Here are all the final results:

Lisbon 3/11/23
Merrimack9-1Merrimack B8-2
Hanover8-2Trinity A7-3
Plymouth*8-2Plymouth A5-5
Fall Mtn7-3Fall Mtn A5-5
Merrimack A6-4Fall Mtn B4-6
John Stark4-6Lisbon A1-9
Overall Season At-Large Standings
Tournament WinnersVarsity Points standingsJ/V Points Standings
HanoverFall Mtn.10Trinity23
St. ThomasJohn Stark6ASD11

State finals are still TBA, because I’m playing phone/email tag with the folks in Concord. I will be following up this week to try and nail that down, so qualified teams, please stay tuned!

I am also hoping to have a middle school/ninth grade tournament in May, with John Stark as a potential host, but we need to nail down some dates, so stay tuned on that.

For everyone else, it was a great season. I look forward to next year with all y’all. I’ve got some new ideas I want to kick around, perhaps exploring some new options for tournaments, checking on a new question provider, and on the backside, I’m contemplating a major update to our website that has the potential to make my life much easier. (That’s a summer project!) 

Talk to you all soon! 

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