Merrimack Valley Tournament

BG hosted a great tournament today. 12 teams participated in both varsity and J/V Brackets.

You can check out the current team standings here, but here are the varsity results from today’s tournament:

Plymouth 10-0
BG 8-2*
Hanover 6-4
Hollis-Brookline 6-4
Merrimack 6-4
Salem 6-4
PCA 5-5
Coe-Brown 3-7
Oyster River 3-7
Stevens 3-7
Kingswood 2-8
Pinkerton 1-9

* BG wins the Region and qualifies for the State Tournament

Here are the J/V Results:

PCA C 10-0
Plymouth C 9-1
Plymouth B 7-4
BG B 6-4
Salem 6-4
Plymouth D 5-5
Hollis Brookline 4-6
Merrimack 3-7
PCA D 3-7
Kingswood 2-8
Stevens 2-8

PCA B did not report their results, so if anyone knows how they did, let us know!


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