Kingswood Results!

A very exciting day at Kingswood on Saturday for our first ever At-Large tournament! First off, thanks to John Struble and his crew for putting on a great St. Paddy’s day spread. It’s always great to visit John, and for some of us, it worked out well, because we were able to “be in two places at once”, running back and forth between the main building and the theatre building for the drama festival.

Now, on to the important stuff. 10 Varsity teams competed during the day, and 14 j/v teams.

Here’s how that went down:
Kingswood Results

So, Merrimack, Salem and Plymouth all tied at the top. Salem already qualified at their region, so that left Plymouth and Merrimack. As Merrimack had beaten Plymouth during the tournament, they held the tiebreak and took home the final tournament win of the year! Merrimack had an excellent day, as their j/v team ran the table and took home the bag of candy from Murph.

So, how about overall:

The tournament field is set, as Hanover, Fall Mtn, BG, Salem and Merrimack are joined by Plymouth, Kingswood and PCA as at large qualifiers. The state tournament should be a real dogfight!

The j/v points finished TIED. After 5 tournaments, Plymouth and Fall Mtn. were tied overall, and a tiebreak game was held, in which Plymouth J/V prevailed. They will get their trophy at the state tournament (since I left it on my desk at Salem, oops, sorry).

So, that’s it! Another regular season in the books. It’s been a lot of fun! The state tournament will be held at the Legislative Office Building in Concord on April 8th. Please be there by 1:30 PM. Spectators are welcome! And if you would like to read questions (and aren’t associated with a team participating), let Murph know, he can pay you!

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