State Finals!

Good evening all!

What a day! What a season!

Eight teams met today for the State Finals at the Legislative Office Building. One team clearly rose above the rest today to take home the crown!

Hanover 7-0
Merrimack 5-2
Plymouth 5-2
Fall Mtn. 3-4
Salem 3-4
Kingswood 2-5
PCA 2-5
BG 1-6

Congratulations to Hanover for a great day, the kids we sharp and on point all day long!


Murph, claiming the banner for Hanover

 Thanks to Murph for another great season.

And we’re not quite done yet!


If you haven’t filled out your post-season coaches survey, please do so:

Feel free to email me any feedback you have as well!

Please watch your email for info about a coaches meeting! That will be happening sometime after the NH school vacation week!

Also, finally, our ROOKIE TOURNAMENT! It will be on May 5th, at Merrimack High School.  It is open to anyone who has rookie quizbowlers who they’d like to get some experience before next fall. It’s geared primarily toward underclassmen, but if you have some rising juniors and seniors with no experience, bring them along. Also, if your district is willing, bring some 8th graders who will be your 9th graders next fall. Contact Sara Campbell ( if you’re going!

Great season everyone!

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