Division IV Tournament Results!

Hello all!
First, I want to thank everyone who came down to Salem on Saturday for the Division IV tournament. I hope everyone had a great time! Before I get to the results, let me just highlight a couple of important items.
First! Our FINAL regular season tournament of the year will be held on March 9th at Pinkerton Academy. This is our annual AT-LARGE tournament, which means that the winner of the tournament, (if you haven’t won one already), REGARDLESS of geographic region, will get a berth in the state tournament. Personally, I feel that this change we made a few years back makes this one of the most exciting tournaments of the year! It’s also your last chance to get those all important at large points to try and make the top 3 and qualify for the state finals. So, I hope to see a great turnout! Please contact Peter Crowell (PCrowell@pinkertonacademy.org) if you are planning to attend!
Second! It’s not too early to start thinking about the annual spring coaches meeting. The last several years we’ve done it at the meeting room at the Hooksett Public Library (relatively centrally located, and free), but if anyone has an alternative suggestion, I’m open to possibilities. We will have several important items on the agenda, including but not limited to: the purchase of pristine questions for next year’s tournaments; public relations and membership expansion and development plans; the annual reevaluation of our geographic regions and more. Some suggested dates will be provided soon, so start thinking about what works best for you. The meeting will also be preceded by a membership feedback survey, which we will examine at the meeting.
Okay! On to the results. We had 13 varsity teams sign up this time, which is AWESOME, and we had a first time team in Nashua South, which is also AWESOME. We had to juggle some numbers to make the grids come out even, and Pinkerton played down out of the varsity bracket into J/V, so ultimately we had 12 teams on each side, with 8 schools providing the 12 J/V teams.
There were two teams from Division IV competing for the division plaque and the auto-bid to the tourney, Salem and PCA. PCA ran a record of 7-3 and won the day, so congratulations to them! Here’s how the rest shook out:
Divison IV Tournament: Salem 2/2/19
Varsity J/V
Merrimack 9-1 Merrimack 10-0
Hanover 8-2 PCA 8-2
PCA* 7-3 BG 8-2
John Stark 7-3 Fall Mtn 8-2
BG 7-3 Pinkerton 4-6
Plymouth 6-4 Plymouth 3-7
South 5-5 Kingswood 1-9
Kingswood 3-7 Stevens 0-10
Stevens 3-7
Salem 2-8
Fall Mtn 2-8
Hollis-Brookline 1-9
*Division Winner
And here are the updated overall standings:
Overall Season At-Large Standings
Tournament Winners
Varsity Points standings
J/V Points Standings
Div I Hanover Plymouth 34 Fall Mt. 31
Div II John Stark Fall Mtn. 20 Merrimack 26
Div III Merrimack BG 20 BG 25
Div IV PCA Kingswood 13 PCA 15
At-Large Hollis-Brookline 7 Plymouth 14
Salem 6 Hollis-Brookline 6
South 5 Lisbon 4
Stevens 4 Kingswood 4
Colebrook 0 Pinkerton 4
Pinkerton 0 Salem 3
Stevens 0
*At-Large Qualifiers
So it looks like there will be a bit of a horse-race going into the final tournament! Look forward to seeing you all in March!

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