Division III Results!

Hello all!
We had a perfect day for our regional at BG! Thanks to Kathryn and her crew for putting on a stellar event!
Before I dive into the results, let’s take care of some house keeping. We are now on our annual mid-season break for GSC season. Good luck to all the NHQBL teams that are doing GSC this year. And, if I could ask, please talk but NHQBL in your matches with teams that aren’t doing NHQBL. The last few tournaments, we’ve been under our usual numbers, and while I know we all have to compete with kids’ jobs and sports and other commitments, I am concerned about the slump in our numbers this year. So talk it up! We have fun! Other people should have fun too!
Also, when we return from break, we will gather again at SALEM for the first time in a loooong time, on Feb. 2. I am so looking forward to having you all down to my place for a good time. I’ll send out reminders when the time comes!
Okay, on to the results.
We had 10 varsity teams, which means that we played a nine-round bracket and looped back to round one to give us ten rounds. We have had conversations about how this should be handled, and we made sure nobody played a division opponent again in round 1. Also, the suggestion has been made that the division winner should be declared based on results through round nine, when we loop. While we decided we needed to think about that one more, in this case, the point ended up being moot, because the results would have worked out the same if we had. Merrimack took the division crown at 8-2, and Hollis-Brookline and BG both finished at 6-4. (Merrimack had 7 wins at the end of round 9, so would have won regardless.)
So congrats to Merrimack, and they take the berth to the state tournament in April!
Both Merrimack and Fall Mtn. J/V finished with 9 wins on that side, but as Fall Mtn. had to roll bus, we didn’t do a tie-break, and both teams will split a bag of candy at the tournament in Salem!
Here’s how the rest played out, and the at large standings:
Divison III Tournament: Bishop Guertin 12/8/18
Varsity J/V
Plymouth 10 Merrimack 9
Merrimack* 8 Fall Mtn. 9
BG 6 BG 8
Hollis-Brookline 6 HB 6
PCA 6 Plymouth 4
Kingswood 5 Kingswood 3
Fall Mtn. 3 PCA 3
Hanover 3
Salem 3
Pinkerton 0
*Division Winner
Overall Season At-Large Standings
Tournament Winners
Varsity Points standings
J/V Points Standings
Div I Hanover Plymouth 28 Fall Mt. 23
Div II John Stark Fall Mtn. 18 BG 17
Div III Merrimack PCA 17 Merrimack 16
Div IV BG 13 Plymouth 11
At-Large Kingswood 10 PCA 7
Hollis-Brookline 6 Hollis-Brookline 6
Salem 4 Lisbon 4
Stevens 1 Salem 3
Colebrook 0 Kingswood 3
Pinkerton 0
*At-Large Qualifiers
Have a safe and happy holiday everyone! And a Happy New Year!

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