Division I Results!

Evening all!
I’m watching the Pats and typing up our results. We had a great day at Plymouth, thanks to Jay and his kids for putting on a great tournament, on Homecoming, no less!
Before I get to the results here are a couple of quick reminders:
1) If you’re going to GHOST, let Murph know ASAP!
2) You will be hearing from me at the beginning of November, I’ll be looking for “ambassadors” to work on selling the League at GSC Supper Sunday. I’ll be trying to set up something official with Susan when the time comes.
3) Our next regional is at BG on December 8. It’s early, but you can always let Kathryn know you’re coming. We look forward to seeing everyone there!
We had 9 varsity teams, and 8 j/v teams in our tournament. Hanover’s j/v team helped us round out the varsity bracket, giving us an even 10 teams. We wrapped around the schedule, so both groups played 10 rounds. (As a side note, we may want to consider how this is handled scoring wise in the future, but that’s another question for another day)
Here’s how it all played out:
Division I Tournament: Plymouth, 10/13/18
Varsity J/V
Hanover* 10 Fall Mt. 7
Plymouth 9 Plymouth 5
Fall Mt. 8 Lisbon 4
Kingswood 5 PCA 4
PCA 5 BG 4
BG 3 Pinkerton 0
Merrimack 2
Salem 1
Colebrook 0
*Division Winner
And here are the current standings:
Tournament Winners
Varsity Points standings
J/V Points Standings
Div I Hanover Plymouth 18 Fall Mt. 14
Div II John Stark Fall Mtn. 14 BG 9
Div III PCA 11 Merrimack 7
Div IV Merrimack 9 Plymouth 7
At-Large BG 7 PCA 4
Kingswood 5 Lisbon 4
Salem 1 Salem 3
Stevens 1 Pinkerton 0
Colebrook 0
It was a great day!

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