Division II Tournament Results!

Good morning all!
I had meant to do this all this weekend, but things kind of got away from me.
Thanks to Nick and his crew at Fall Mt. who put on a great tournament for us, and I know that most of us enjoyed the beautiful drive out into the West Country. They’re certainly blessed with some great scenery out there! We had nine teams show up, and so, as we had uneven numbers for a round robin, we made some adjustments. Both Murph and I had inexperienced groups, so we tossed a coin and I lost (I guess…?) and my kids played in the j/v bracket to even things out. So we ended up with 8 varsity and 6 j/v teams. We still played 10 rounds, we just doubled up some matches.
Anywhoo. I’ve tabulated the results (thanks to Sara who gathered them for me. Sorry I had to book it out on Saturday, but our bus driver was on a tight schedule).
The full results are appended below, as well as the current At-Large standings, but the upshot is the John Stark took the Division II plaque this year, winning in a 50 question un-timed tiebreaker round, 18-12. Congrats to the Generals, and they’re the first team to punch their ticket for Concord!
Here’s how the rest broke down:
Varsity J/V
Plymouth 9 Merrimack 7
Merrimack 7 Fall Mt. 7
John Stark* 6 BG 5
Fall Mtn. 6 Salem 3
PCA 6 Plymouth 2
BG 4
Hanover 1
Stevens 1
And here are the overall standings:
Tournament Winners
Varsity Points standings
J/V Points Standings
Div I Plymouth 9 Merrimack 7
Div II John Stark Merrimack 7 Fall Mt. 7
Div III Fall Mtn. 6 BG 5
Div IV PCA 6 Salem 3
At-Large BG 4 Plymouth 2
Hanover 1
Stevens 1
We look forward to seeing everyone at Plymouth on the 13th, please let Jay know if you’re planning on coming!
Also, remember GHOST on the 28th, talk to Murph if you’re planning on being there.
Lastly, Sara would like to host a J/V-Rookie tournament at Merrimack sometime this year, and we’re hoping to find a date that the most people will find agreeable, so get in touch with her and suggest what might work for you!
Happy Quizzing Everyone!

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