Saturday in Salem

Good afternoon everyone!

Sorry for the delay, but I was busy for the rest of the weekend, and tied up all morning with classes, so I am just now getting to this. I’ll get right to it.

First, thanks for coming and hanging out with us in Salem this weekend. We had a great time! Also, if you’re interest in Jay’s tournament next weekend at Plymouth, get in touch with him ASAP! Also, given that Feb Break is approaching for many of us, and for many, the Kingswood  tournament will be the weekend after we get back from break, expect to see registration forms for that sooner rather than later, so you have a chance to try and get it taken care of before the vacation. 

Now, on to the results. We had 10 varsity teams and 8 j/v teams on Saturday. Plymouth had a very good day in the varsity bracket, with 10 wins. But of course, they’re already in the state tournament, so taking the AQ spot from this one is Bishop Guertin, with a record of 9-1. They also took home top prize for j/v teams with a matching 9-1 record. 

Salem Qualifier 2/1/20
Varsity J/V
Plymouth 10-0 BG A 9-1
BG* 9-1 Fall Mtn A 8-2
Pinkerton 6-4 Plymouth A 6-4
Hanover 6-4 Kingswood A 5-5
Salem 5-5 Salem A 4-6
Kingswood 4-6 Merrimack A 3-7
Fall Mtn 4-6 Merrimack B 3-7
Merrimack 3-7 Salem B 3-7
PCA 2-8
Profile 1-9

Only 1 more AQ spot left up for grabs at Kingswood on March 7, so I know we’ll see a good turn out there. Tight race for the at-large spots shaping up with as many as 5 teams still in the hunt. And the j/v of the year honors are not quite locked up yet, so, lots to be decided. 

Here are the standings

Overall Season At-Large Standings
Tournament Winners Varsity Points standings J/V Points Standings
Plymouth Fall Mtn. 22 Fall Mtn. 32
Hanover Salem 16 Merrimack 26
Merrimack Kingswood 14 Plymouth 24
BG PCA 12 BG 18
Pinkerton 9 Salem 15
Profile 5 Kingswood 12
Alvirne 5 PCA 11
Stevens 1 Hanover 10
Lisbon 1 Lisbon 2

Shaping up for a good finish! See you all in Kingswood! 

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