Kingswood Qualifier Results!

And here, we are! The last regular season tournament of the year! What a beautiful day for a drive to Wolfboro, huh? Mother Nature really smiled on this year, with no major weather issues for any of our tournaments. 

It was an exciting season, and there was plenty of drama that came down to the wire on Saturday. First off, a big thank you to John and his kids for having us all up to Kingswood! It was a great time! Also, I want to take a moment and shout out the fact that because we got all the registrations in by Friday, we were able to have the bracket ready to go as soon as everyone arrived, and we started pretty quick! And we had readers for all our rooms, and it was just great. I love it when a plan comes together.

Three things before I get to the important stuff. 1) Look for a season feedback survey within the next two weeks. Please share some of the questions with your players, especially if you don’t plan on making it to the coaches council meeting! 2) Please let Carlene know if you’re heading up to Lisbon on the 28th. And 3) let me or Sara know if you think you’re interested in a spring rookie jamboree at Merrimack. 

On with the good stuff! Eleven schools played on Saturday. Merrimack went 10-0 on the day, but as they’re already safely qualified (as is BG, who finished second), we dropped down to Fall Mtn, who had a 7-3 day, and claimed the final AQ slot for the state tournament. The final three qualifiers, based on at-large points, came out to Salem, Kingswood and PCA. Pinkerton came on strong in the second half of the season, but just missed out, landing at 13 points on the season. 

On the J/V side, BG took the honors for the day, with a record of 9-1, but Fall Mtn. claimed the season crown for the 2nd year in a row, with 40 points. 

The full results and the final standings are below. The State tournament is set for April 5 on Sunday afternoon. Time to be confirmed shortly. If anyone is interested in coming to spectate, let me know, or if someone wants to come read questions, please do! I also may reach out to some guest readers, who ought to know what they’re doing. It’s been a great season, and I appreciate all you guys do for your students over the course of a season! Thanks for being a part of what makes NHQBL great! 

Kingswood Regional 3/7/20
Varsity J/V
Merrimack 10-0 BG A 9-1
BG 8-2 Fall Mtn A 8-2
Fall Mtn* 7-3 Merrimack A 8-2
Plymouth 6-4 Stevens A 7-3
Hanover 5-5 Fall Mtn B 6-4
Kingswood 5-5 Plymouth A 5-5
PCA 5-5 PCA B 3-7
Pinkerton 4-6 Kingswood B 2-8
Profile 3-7 Kingswood A 1-9
Salem 3-7 PCA A 1-9
Stevens 1-9


Overall Season At-Large Standings
Tournament Winners Varsity Points standings J/V Points Standings
Plymouth Salem 19 Fall Mtn. 40
Hanover Kingswood 19 Merrimack 34
Merrimack PCA 17 Plymouth 29
BG Pinkerton 13 BG 27
Fall Mtn. Profile 8 Salem 15
Alvirne 5 Kingswood 14
Stevens 2 PCA 14
Lisbon 1 Hanover 10
Stevens 7
Lisbon 2


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