Saturday at Oyster River

Good evening everyone!

Yesterday we had a great day at Oyster River for our final regular season tournament! Thanks to John and his crew for hosting us! It had been a while since we’ve been to that area of the state, and it was nice drive. Spring is almost upon us!

Our last tournament produced some unintentional drama, which I will elaborate on in a moment, but first, Fall Mt. went 9-1 and grabbed the last AQ slot for the state tournament! Our field is set for the finals! Joining the five AQ teams will be at-large qualifiers Pinkerton, Kingswood, and Trinity! I will be sending out an email about the State Finals to those coaches involved tomorrow AM!

The drama was on the J/V side, and I made a small mistake here. Plymouth J/V took the crown for the day at 7-3, which gave them 27 wins on the season. On Saturday, I announced they had won the J/V team of the Year crown outright by 1 over Merrimack (26) But I had forgotten that one of Merrimack’s J/V teams was playing up in the Varsity Bracket (to even the numbers, since we had 9 schools), and they had one more win than the Merrimack B team in the J/V grid, so Plymouth and Merrimack actually TIED at 27 wins. It’s too late now to go back and play a tiebreak, so I hereby declare that the teams will share the crown, and each will receive a trophy this year. Congrats to both teams!

Anyway, here are the full results and the final regular season standings:

Oyster River 4/16/22
Fall Mtn9-1Plymouth A7-3
Salem8-2Merrimack A*6-4
Merrimack7-3Fall Mtn A5-5
Hanover7-3Merrimack B5-5
Kingswood4-6Merrimack C5-5
Oyster River4-6Kingswood A5-5
Plymouth3-7John Stark A3-7
John Stark2-8
Pinkerton0-10*Played in Varsity Grid
Overall Season At-Large Standings
Tournament WinnersVarsity Points standingsJ/V Points Standings
PlymouthJohn Stark5Fall Mtn.9
Fall MtnOyster River4John Stark7

It’s been a good year to get back to in person quiz bowl! I hope we will have even more teams next fall. We are looking to do an online exhibition sometime in May on an afternoon, so stay tuned on that. And stay tuned for more info on State Finals!

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