State Finals!

Good morning everyone!

Eight teams gathered on Sunday afternoon at Trinity High School to complete the 2021-2022 NHBQL Season. Despite the warmth and humidity, we made it through!

I want to thank everyone for helping to make this season a success, and I hope we’ll see you all again next year! Stay tuned for info regarding scheduling and hosting for next season, coaches! We need to get on that soon!

Anyway, it was quite a remarkable day, and the tournament and the season came down to a single match in the sixth round of play, where Merrimack and Hanover went to a tiebreak. Merrimack came away with the win, and went on to win their final match of the day for a 7-0 record, and unseated the 4 year defending champions Hanover. Congratulations to Sara and her crew!

Here’s how the rest broke down. And I gotta say, from a mathematical symmetry standpoint, these are interesting results. 

Trinity High School, May 15, 2022
Fall Mountain3-4

It’s been a great season, and again, thank you all for helping out, either by hosting, or just being there for your team. It’s been a rough couple of years for Quiz Bowl, just like all extracurriculars, but hopefully things are looking up! Have a good summer everyone! 

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