Spring Coaches Meeting!

We would like to hold a Coaches Council meeting on Thursday, April 20th, at 4:00pm. The meeting will be held at the Hooksett Public Library, 31 Mount Saint Mary’s Way, Hooksett, NH  03106.

A proposed agenda will follow, along with additional information to review, but the meeting will have several goals. We may want to schedule an additional meeting to continue discussions if necessary.

The main goals will be to 1) discuss current divisional structure, and consider any realignment proposals, 2) to discuss and perhaps formalize structure for “B” or “J/V” team tournaments within the current structures,  3) to brainstorm ways to promote the league and encourage participation and 4) to set the competition schedule for next year.

This may be more than we can chew through in one meeting, (Particularly if all schools haven’t published their 2017-18 calendars yet!) but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

We hope to see you all there!


State Finals!

Congrats to Plymouth Regional High School for their victory today at the state tournament, completing an undefeated season! Very impressive!

17457484_510983272429503_6947051016636942497_nHere are the standings for the day:

Plymouth 7-0
BG 5-2
Hanover 4-3
PCA 4-3
Merrimack 3-4
Salem 3-4
Fall Mountain 2-5
Lisbon 0-7

Jay and the folks at Plymouth are hosting a J/V tournament next Saturday, so let him know if you’re coming. There’s a middle school tournament in Hanover in late April, and coaches, stay tuned for a coaches meeting to be scheduled soon!

Lakes Region Results!

Here are the results that are available from today’s regional. If anyone knows how PCA or Hanover did, let us know so I can update the full results:

Plymouth 9-0 (Goes undefeated in the regular season and wins the region)
BG 8-1
Salem 5-4
Merrimack 4-5
Kingswood 4-5
Fall Mountain 4-5
Stevens 3-6
Pinkerton 1-8

That brings us to our final at-large standings for the year.

29 – Salem
28 – Merrimack
19 – Fall Mountain
18 – Pinkerton
16 – Kingswood
11 – Stevens
6 – Hollis Brookline
6 – Oyster River
3 – Coe-Brown
2 – John Stark

The State Tournament will be held next Sunday, April 2, at the Legislative Office Building in Concord. It will feature the teams from Plymouth, PCA, BG, Lisbon, and Hanover, as well as our three at large qualifiers, Salem, Merrimack and Fall Mountain!  Congratulations and good luck to all!

Hunter Farnham Seacoast Regional

On a day that reminds us that winter has not yet departed New Hampshire, 13* schools gathered at PCA in Dover to compete in the Hunter Farnham Seacoast Regional.

PCA took the regional win, and will compete at the State Tournament in April! Congrats, and thank you for hosting!  They also won the B Team bracket with a 3-way tie, and took home two large bags of candy!

Here’s how the day went down in the A bracket:

Plymouth 10-0 (Has yet to lose a match this year!)

Hanover 8-2

PCA 7-3

Bishop Guertin 6-4

Merrimack 6-4

Pinkerton 6-4

Salem 5-5

Fall Mountain 3-7

Kingswood 3-7

Oyster River 3-7

Spaulding 0-10

*Coe-Brown elected to play only in the B team bracket, PCA B played in the A Team bracket to round out to 12.

And here are the updated at-large standings for the State Tournament:

39 – Plymouth

24 – Salem

24 – Merrimack

17 – Pinkerton

15 – Fall Mountain

12 – Kingswood

8 – Stevens

6 – Hollis Brookline

6 – Oyster River

3 – Coe-Brown

2 – John Stark

The next regional will be the Lakes Region at Kingswood, on March 25th.

Hunter Farmham Seacoast Regional

An important message from Donna Capern:

Portsmouth Christian Academy looks forward to welcoming you to the Hunter Farnham Seacoast Regional Quiz Bowl Tournament on Saturday, March 4, 10am!

This  tournament falls on the last Saturday of NH winter break, could you please try extra hard to let me know before your break whether you are coming and how many teams you are bringing …otherwise we will be flying blind as far as preparations.

We also need to know if you can bring lockout systems, how many, whether you are available to read, and could you send me your cell numbers as well.  Please email me or see the email that went out to the list for my cell phone number.

Many thanks we all look forward to hearing from you!

Donna Capern, Ray Gamble and Eric Savage
PCA Quiz Club

Western Regional

Despite the weather, 10 teams arrived at Hanover today to compete in the Western Regional. There were also 6 teams that competed in a J/V bracket as well! The here’s how the A Bracket shook out:

Plymouth 9-0
Hanover 7-2
Salem 5-4
Pinkerton 5-4
Bishop Guertin 5-4
Fall Mountain 5-4
Merrimack 4-5
John Stark 2-7
Kingswood 2-7
Stevens 1-9

And here are the updated at-large standings for the State Tournament:

29 – Plymouth

19 – Salem
18 – Merrimack
12 – PCA
12 – Fall Mountain
11 – Pinkerton
9 – Kingswood
8 – Stevens
6 – Hollis Brookline
3 – Oyster River
3 – Coe-Brown
2 – John Stark

The next regional will be the Hunter Farnham (Seacoast) at PCA, on March 4th.