Division IV: Hunter Farnham Regional

Good afternoon all! Hope you’re all enjoying the Olympics.

We all had a great time at PCA today, many thanks to Donna, Ray and her crew for a fabulous day! This was our final “regional” of the year, with our new format “at-large” tournament coming in March as the final regular season event of the year. Should be exciting!

Now, onto the results:

Nine varsity teams competed today (with PCA providing an extra to round out to 10), so we had a shortened 9 round tournament. PCA and Salem were the only two teams competing for the regional crown and the automatic bid to the State Tournament.  Here’s how things shook out:


Salem won the region and moves on the state tournament in April.

Here’s how the varsity at-large points look as of today:

In the J/V bracket with had an abundance of teams playing! Only 5 schools, but more than a dozen teams between them. Here’s how that all shook down. I’m only counting actual wins, because there were an odd number of teams, so there was bye floating out there for some teams. And we’re only counting the best j/v score from each school.

Murph promises to have candy for the Fall Mountain folks at the tournament on 3/17.
And here’s where we are with the overall standings for J/V:

And there you go!

Remember our final regular season tournament will be held on March 17th at Kingswood, so let John Struble know if you’re coming. And wear your green! Thanks to everyone, and hope to see you there!


Division IV Tournament

Hi all,

Portsmouth Christian Academy looks forward to welcoming you and your team to our school and to the New Hampshire Quiz Bowl League Division 4 Tournament on Saturday, February 10 at 10am!

Please let Donna Capern know 1)  if you will be attending, 2) how many teams you plan to bring,  3) if you can bring a buzzer system(s)  and 4) if you can provide a quizmaster if needed.

Could you also provide a cell number for that morning in case we need to be in contact during your journey – thank you!

As some of you may remember, the city has placed  restrictions on the routes school buses may take to and from our school. Please refer to this link for directions:


See you soon!

Division III Regional!

Hopefully everyone got home safely from today’s Division III regional at Merrimack. We want to thank Sara Campbell and her crew for putting on a great tournament, with lots of goodies and snacks! The weather cooperated just enough for us to get things going today, and eleven schools were able to join us. One team, Moultonborough Academy joined us for the first time, so we thank them for joining us! Three teams competed for the Division plaque: Merrimack, Bishop Guertin and Pinkerton. BG finished today with an 8-2 record and took home the division crown, so congrats to them! There were five schools that had J/V teams compete today, and the BG team also took home the candy there, with a 9-1 record in the J/V bracket.

Full results are below, including season standings, but let me just remind you that we are on our annual “GSC Hiatus” now until February 10th, when we will gather at PCA for our Division IV regional. Keep an eye out for announcements on that toward the end of January. Good luck to all team who are doing GSC, and see you in 2018!


Division I Regional!

Hello all!

First of all, a big shout out to Carlene Gadapee and her crew at Lisbon Regional School for hosting a great tournament this weekend! Ten schools provided varsity teams at the tournament, and there were eight teams that competed in the J/V bracket as well. Four schools competed for the Division I regional title: Hanover, Kingswood, Plymouth and Colebrook. Hanover topped the chart with a record of 8-1 for the day. Here are the full results and the current standings for both Varsity and J/V:



We hope to see you all next week for the Division III tournament at Merrimack High School!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello all!

For those of you who were at Super Sunday yesterday, I hope you did well!

I hope you all have a great holiday this weekend, but just as a reminder, when we return to school after Thanksgiving, we have our Division I (North Country) regional at Lisbon on December 2, which is a week from this coming Saturday!

Please let Carlene Gadapee know if you will be coming, and if you can bring a buzzer system and readers! (cagada@lisbon.k12.nh.us).

Look forward to seeing you all there!

A Great Start to a New Season!

A beautiful day to get our season underway, and a wonderful tournament hosted by John Stark. Thanks to Jill and all of her folks for giving us a great tournament!

This is the first year for our new Division format, so here in Division II, we had three teams competing for the Division title: John Stark, Stevens and Fall Mountain. This year, we are also tracking J/V wins, for the purposes of crowing a “best J/V team” at the end of the season. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll chart the best J/V record per school if there is more than one J/V team for a school at any given tournament.

I’ve also created a new “Results” page as part of our top menu, with an embedded Google Sheet to track all this information. Check it out!

Here’s how things broke down for today!



And here are the current overall standings!


Let Murph know if you’re going to GHOST on the 28th. Otherwise, hope to see you all at Super Sunday on November 19ths!

Rookie Jamboree at Plymouth!

A small group gathered at Plymouth Regional on Saturday for a Rookie Jamboree. BG had one team that went undefeated, congratulations! A good time was had by all! Thanks for introducing quiz bowl to the future varsity players, and thanks to Plymouth for hosting! Look forward to seeing you all next Saturday at John Stark!